An overview of what we do.


 In a user test, you direct someone of your target demographic to your website, and present them with several tasks - like buying a product or finding specific information. You then record that tester as they attempt to complete the tasks, while voicing out loud what they're thinking. 

Our user tests take up to 15 minutes, and we recommend 4-5 tasks for the user to carry out.

The insights gained can range from useful, to remarkable. They help you in:

  • Understanding what frustrates your customers - and why they may drop out of a sale
  • Understanding what features work well - perhaps even unexpected ones
  • Observing novel ways customers use your website - which could be translated to build new services.

Acting on these insights will support:

  • Improvements to user experience and navigation
  • Better conversion rates
  • Improvements to the products being sold
  •  ...All leading to improved customer satisfaction and sales.

The User Test services the world from our base in Melbourne, Australia, with testing hubs in:

  • Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth)
  • United States (New York, LA, and Atlanta)
  • Global: We're happy to find testers anywhere around the world on your request.

 What you get: An example of one of our tests